Pottery Classes:

$200.00  -   2 hr. group classes Tuesdays & Thursdays from

                    9am-11am for one month. (8 classes)

                    *All inclusive; includes:  

                    stoneware clay, glazes, firing, use of all tools, use of 

                    all equipment (slab roller, pug mill, wheel, extruder)

                    Includes instruction on hand building (coil, pinch

                    pot, and slab) and wheel throwing. For beginners

                    and advanced students.


$ 350.00  -  One month of Open Studio Time. *Must prove 

                     proficiency in the studio. If you have always wanted to

                     have your own pottery studio but couldn't afford all the

                     expensive equipment, come join Studio 908 Pottery

                     on a monthly basis. You can attend anytime the studio

                     is open. 

                     Open Studio hours include:  Tues: 9am-2pm

                                                                        Wed: 1pm-8pm

                                                                        Thur: 9am-2pm

                                                                        Fri:     1pm-8pm

                                                                        Sat:    10am-6pm

                      For Open Studio Time there is no limit on how many

                      hours you can attend per month.  Includes 12.5 lbs

                      of stoneware clay, glaze and firing for that 12.5 lbs.

                      Extra clay can be purchased for $ 10.00 for each 12.5

                      lbs. and there's a $ 4.00 charge for glaze and firing per                        additional pieces.


Come join the fun and learn all about pottery!

Call or email for more information: